Thursday, September 6, 2012

Raindrops Keep Falling

In spite of the fact that I have all this “free time” since I’m not currently racing, I haven’t been able to do squat this week.  We’ve been getting a shitload of rain lately, and it’s literally pissing on my trail riding chances.  Let me make it clear:  I fucking hate rain.

Why the hostility towards something so essential to our lives?  Well, pretty much everything I like to do involves being outside, and rain keeps me from doing it for the most part.  A lazy day inside once in a while is okay, but I really get nutty if I can’t get outside to play…specifically on my bike.

I have some riding options when it’s raining, but honestly it’s hard to find the motivation to get out when I’ll get soaking wet within a few minutes.  Plus, riding in the mud ruins bike parts, and I’m really not trying to spend money on shit I can prevent right now.  Sure, I’m whining about something as silly as a little water, but dammit I’m pissed about it.  Hopefully things will clear up soon so I can get my fucking sanity back.

Instead of sitting in the house and playing on the PS3, I decided that I had one thing I could do even if the trails were wet.  I loaded up my bike trailer and headed over to Captain Jim Bob’s Space Adventure.

Since I couldn’t ride, I figured I might as well build trail.  And since I was gonna be working hard out there, I wanted to make sure I had plenty to drink.

I hadn’t been out there in a while to build trail, mostly because I’ve been busy with racing.  Also, I had to make a couple of trips back out there to deal with the flying, stinging insect issue that thwarted our progress the last time we tried to build trail.  Satisfied that we finally took care of the problem, it was time to clear a path.

If you look at that photo, you can see that there is a clearing up ahead.  That’s a power line cut, and it was my temporary goal.  Lunchbox and I got busy cutting away brush, and we finally made it.

With all that mess out of the way, I started roughing out some trail to complete the very last section (for now, anyway.)

With the little bit of time we spent out there last night, we have a nice little (almost) complete loop.  It’s taken quite a while to get this far with my busy schedule and all, but since things might be slowing down a bit I think we can start making some progress again.  The good thing about our new neighborhood trail is that it holds up well after rain.  Once we get a few miles out there, I will no longer have an excuse not to ride when everything else around here is closed.

I’m glad we got out there to get some work done, instead of sitting around bitching about the weather.   It wasn’t riding, but it was the next best thing.

I’m in a better mood already.

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