Friday, September 28, 2012

The Devil Went Down To Georgia

I know, it’s not the Charlie Daniels version, but the Devil is riding a bicycle in that video…which is what I plan to do.

Even though my race season is pretty much over, I’ve got a few left on the calendar.  This Sunday, I’m driving down to Georgia to ride my single speed around in the woods for…

Yes, for some reason I’m going to the Georgia State Single Speed Championships.  While I probably have no business “racing” in any event that has the word “Championships” in it, I thought it would be fun to take a road trip to roll through the woods with some other folks with only one gear.

Usually I would get my ass handed to me by those tiny, yet strong single speeder types, but it won’t happen this time.  Instead, I’ll get my ass handed to me by large and in charge types, since there is a Clydesdale category.  That’s right, big boys on one big ass gear.  Will a class of people my own weight help me?  Probably not.  That’s not why I’m going, but it’s a nice thought.

With the guest list showing famous types like Eddie and Namrita O’Dea down for some single speed action, I noticed one famous name was missing from the list…

I’m not sure why he would miss such a race, but he probably has better things to do.  You know, like drinking lots of beer, devouring countless bags of M&Ms, and bidding on parts to build up a new 650b bike.  Being home unsupervised can get him into trouble.

Everyone's gonna miss the little fella down there.

Speaking of missing things, this is the last weekend to ride Poplar Tent.  As of Monday October 1st, it will close.  It looks like I’ll get in one final ride tonight after work to say my goodbyes.  Come on out if you’re around here, and bring beer.

I like beer, remember? 

Oh yeah, I won’t be here Monday, so look for some kind of race report on Tuesday.

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