Friday, October 26, 2012

I’m Outta Here

This weekend is gonna be a good one.  Lunchbox, TomTom, and I are taking off bright and early tomorrow morning and heading westward.  Our destination? 

The Land of Waterfalls. 

That’s right folks, we’re heading over to Dupont State Forest for a ride.  I’d like to tell you that I got the idea from Eastwood since he was just there, but I didn’t.  We’ve been planning this trip for a little over a month now, and it’s finally time.  TomTom is rocking his new squishy bike and Lunchbox has a new 29er (as do I), so we wanna take them out for a day trip of singletrack goodness, waterfall viewing, and general “getting the hell out of Dodge” time.  I need this for sure, especially after a long season of driving all over the place to “race.”  This time we drive for fun, to ride for fun. 

Does that make sense?  Hell yes it does.

In other news, I just became a little more awesome.  The fine folks over at Backcountry Research sent me a care package and I’m all giddy about it (I love getting stuff in the mail.) 

First up, a surprise in the form of the latest beer temperature regulating technology.

You can never have too many coozies, and I’m happy to add this one to the collection.

Next, is an upgrade for my geared bike. 

Although I’ve been rocking the Awesome Strap Race on my single speed for a while now, I was doing the old school thing on the geared bike.  It was time to upgrade, and now it’s called the Race II.  It will hold everything I need, and I can’t wait to test it out. 

If “everything I need” isn’t enough, I have some more options to carry my shit with me.  Check these out:

The Mütherload will hold all that and a bag of chips, and the Tube Tourniquet will keep an extra tube on my bike in case of serious trouble. 

So now, I can carry tons of emergency supplies when I’m out riding.  I dig that.

But wait, there’s more.

The Fönbag was something that I didn’t think I needed, but after holding one in my grubby little hands I realized that I probably won’t be able to live without it.  When I’m riding (not racing), I like to bring my phone with me just in case.  You know for things like maps, emergency phone calls, Twitter updates, etc.  The Fönbag looks like it will do a great job keeping my phone safe out on the trail.

Of course, I’ll test all these things out and get back to you pretty soon.  Big thanks to Backcountry Research for the cool stuff, which makes me that much cooler.  I’m like the other side of the pillow now.

Yeah, I’ll see y’all next week.

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