Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just Beer

Last night had nothing to do with bicycles. 

Nothing at all.

Instead, I drank a shitload of these:

After a shitty day at work and getting home later than usual, all I wanted to do was relax.  Having a beer was plenty relaxing, so I figured that more than one would be utter bliss.  I was right (as usual), and I started feeling good.  I still had one thing to do though, which involved playing with sharp knives.

Yeah, it’s close to Halloween, so we here at B-43 like to get our pumpkin carving on.  It was fun and all that, and actually added to my relaxation.  I managed not to cut off any of my fingers, so that’s a plus.

So, with nothing bike-related going on last night, there’s nothing bike-related going on here today.  Well, until later, when I head out for an after work ride at my new favorite spot.

This time in the dark.

And now, I’ll just sit here and wait for the sun to go down.

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