Wednesday, October 31, 2012

At Home In The Forest

I wonder if they are making cookies in there.

DuPont was so awesome, and I didn’t want to go home.  That may also explain why I’m still talking about it for a third day, but whatever.

Next stop, Triple Falls.

This is yet another gorgeous view of water falling over rocks of course, and once again we took our asses down to the bottom to check it out.  It was nice, but there were way too many people around.

We didn’t stay there too long because there were so many folk wandering around talking about stupid shit, so we high tailed it over to the last set of falls for the day…

Hooker Falls.

No, there weren’t any prostitutes there (fortunately for us.)  Since the coast was clear (i.e not that many people), we parked our bike to hang out for a while.

And I got a pretty good shot of the falls.  It was one of the few photos I got that day without any people in it.

Since I was taking photos, I got one that shows the colors of Autumn pretty well.

Ahhh, fall.  The leaves are a chaingin’.  That means Old Man Winter will be here soon.  Shit.

With our day in the forest coming to a close, we rode outta there and headed back to my truck.  It was a fine day for bike riding and waterfall viewing, and it was just what I needed to combat a bad case of burnout.  No racing, training, or any of that other bullshit…

Just a nice ride with folks who wanna be outside enjoying the fact that they’re outside.  I needed that.

No trip to Western NC is complete (for me anyway) without a trip to one of the coolest bike shops around…

With beer on tap and a great selection of bike stuff, it was a nice way to end our day.  Of course it didn’t end there though, because we were hungry.  Even though there were plenty of places to eat nearby, we opted to drive up to Asheville to my favorite, Papas & Beer.  They have great Mexican food and of course, beer specials.

Riding all day around waterfalls, drinking beer, and blogging about it for three days?

That’s what I do.

It’s also exactly what I needed to cure the funk I was in.

I feel much better now.

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bigfoot said...

yum beer leave me some next time in the hollowed out tree and i wont throw rocks at you next time