Monday, November 26, 2012

Don’t Forget About Me

So yeah, I’ve been gone.  I’m pretty sure you haven’t been here either.  Hopefully though, we can pick up where we left off.  I’m not sure where that is, but I’ll spend the next few days figuring it out.

What have I been doing all this time, you ask?  Well, I went to not one, but two parties, including the DeFeet Holiday Jam over in Hickory.  I got to watch the guys from Cro-Moly rock the house in honor of my birthday (or their 20th anniversary, whatever.)

Then there was the surprise party for me (because I’m old now), where I got to hang out with my friends and drink beer.  Oh yeah, I also got a pretty rad cake that a few folks chipped in to make for me.

I got presents for my birthday, which around here is almost always new bike stuff.  I spent some time installing things.

And since my last helmet had a couple of concussions on it, I got a new one.

I also got word that I have a new sponsor…

I did some riding too…and quite a bit I might add.  Since I’m still getting settled in back here at work though, I’ll start playing catch up tomorrow.  I think I might have a lot to talk about, but I have to sort it all out first.

So yeah, welcome back.    

You didn’t forget about me, did you?

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