Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cold, Dark Nights

Last night was our weekly club night ride at North Mecklenburg Park.  Even though we don’t do a huge amount of mileage, I look forward to getting out during the week to ride.  Since it’s dark when I get out of work this time of year, night riding is all I can do.  Unless of course I just ride on the weekends.  Where’s the fun in that?

Last night, I got to the park pretty early.  As the sun went down, the temperature started dropping…fast.  Luckly, I always bring stuff to keep me warm.

Yup, DeFeet is always my gear of choice when it starts to get chilly, including those snazzy knee warmers.  I had on a UnD Shurt and ArmSkins too, but I’m not showing you that.  In addition to making the best socks you can buy, they make the best stuff to keep you warm too.

Anyway, I love night riding.  It’s nice be out on the trail, with a couple of other folks shining their lights across the trail.  Navigating roots, rocks, and bridges in the dark is hella fun, and it’s my favorite way to ride this time of year.  As an added bonus, I’m starting to get my legs back, and I feel much, much better.  I;m probably at about 99% now health-wise, and improving daily. 

Good Guy Greg was there last night to ride, and afterwards we discussed “The Trail.”  We have so much work to do, but it looks like now he’s become a permanent member of our work crew.  That’s good, because the more hands we have out there, the further along we’ll get.

I can’t waint until we get some daylight so we can get back at it.  During the week, my stupid day job is in the way.

I can’t really call it stupid, because I gotta make money to buy all this bike shit.

Maybe some night trail work could be done too. 


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tomas' said...

Yup. Had a blast! Including the immaculent recovery from the rear tire off the bridge.
See you there after the holidays