Thursday, January 24, 2013

Does A Bike…

Shit in the woods?

Well, no.  It uses the toilet like the rest of us.

Just to clarify, I took that the other night when we went for a night ride at one of our local trails.  I didn’t want anyone to steal my bike when I was changing in the nice warm bathroom, so I brought it inside with me.  I have no idea how it got in the stall though.  Maybe it did take a shit, but was kind enough to give a courtesy flush.

Anyway, I finally got a little bike upgrading done.

Shit, I can’t figure out why random beer photos keep popping up.  Sorry. 

What I meant to post was this:

I finally decided to get a little blingy with the single speed.  I like red…a lot.  So, I put on the red SS chainring I was saving for my (not yet) polished cranks and decided to break it in.  Since I’m a firm believer in the more the merrier, I needed some more shiny red bits to go with the new chainring.

Yum.  This came via Pony Express straight from Endless Bike Co. in nearby Asheville, NC.  They anodize their cogs now, so you can find one that tickles your fancy.  I happen to love red of course, so I didn’t pay attention to the other colors they may or may not have.

Are they good?  Why yes, they are.  I ran one of these cogs (non-anodized of course) back at Single Speed USA, and I thought it was the shiznit.  I also ran one for every other endurance race I’ve done since then.  It was a 20 tooth cog though, which is really not enough for everything else I ride around here.  I kept forgetting to pickup an 18 from Endless, even though I knew I should’ve.  “Oh, I’ll get around to replacing that other brand of cog”, I kept saying, but when they started with the whole “pick your own color thing” I just had to get in. 

Now I can roll around in style.

Huge thanks to Endless Bike Co. for making my bike look sexy.

Now, if you will excuse me, I suddenly have to go use the bathroom.


Dwayne said...

Front to back....just sayin'.

Santana said...

Night riding at North Meck I see.