Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Back In The Groove

I know, I said I’d be here yesterday. It wasn’t for lack of trying though. I was too damn tired. I got in late Sunday night, and after driving all over the place the last few days I needed a day to recover. Besides, y’all were probably busy reading all about that bike race that happened while I was gone.

I heard it was fun, but I had some fun of my own.

The little lady and I hit the road early Thursday morning, with our destination being Amelia Island in the northeast corner of Florida. We got down there pretty quick, stopping only for a quick break.

Little Miss Sunshine wanted to play.

They’re not all cute and cuddly like that photo seems to make you think.

Anyway, we got to the island, and drove around for a bit. Growing up in Florida (and close to the beach), I found that place really touristy. We both decided that staying there would probably be pretty boring so we took a leisurely drive down the coast to Jacksonville Beach. With plenty of daylight left, we decided that a ride was in order at nearby Hanna Park.

I was just there a few months ago, but this was Little Miss Sunshine’s first ride there. She loved it.

And while we were there we made sure to pay our respects to the trail that was built by our local club member/youth cycling race promoter Mike Long.

Then we went to the beach. Not like other folks do though.

We rode there and just looked at it.

A long day of driving and riding bikes didn’t seem to wear us out, so after finding a place to stay for the night we rode down to Jacksonville Beach to grab some food and beer.

We crammed a lot of shit into one day, but that would only be the beginning. We called it a night and got ready for another adventure the next day.

Of course we were going to ride our bikes again.

And of course I’ll get into it tomorrow.

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