Thursday, March 6, 2014

Weekend In Sight

I know, it’s Thursday. Since tomorrow is Fun Friday, I’ve already started thinking about the weekend. One thing I forgot to mention yesterday was something I found when I was cleaning off my work bench.

Ah, the Tour de Charlotte. One of the premier events here in town and I’ve been excited about it since last year. I missed last year’s ride/race/party on wheels due to a prior commitment, so I sure as shit wasn’t gonna let that happen this year. With various dates tossed around, a solid (sorta, according to Dicky) one was selected (March 8th.)  With that information, my yearly retreat with the little lady was scheduled.

A few weeks later, the date mysteriously changed.


With our plans set in stone, it looks like I’ll miss it again this year. I understand the reasons for changing it I guess, but damn I am disappoint. I planned to win the “Party Pace/Animal” category, but I guess I’ll have to take my one man party somewhere else. No hard feelings towards the Faster Mustache crew, but it looks like the Tour duh Charlotte is dead to me now.

There’s always next year, right? I have plenty of time to plan shit that will get in the way.

Speaking of planning shit, I should get busy on some other plans. Next weekend, the Southeast Bike Expo is happening once again down in Conyers, GA. I’m really almost certain to be there, but I’m trying to figure out how to pull it off. You see, the North American Handmade Bicycle Show is the same weekend here in Charlotte.

What the hell do I do?

TomTom and Good Guy Greg want to tag along down to GA, but we have to make it work. It’s looking like I may go down next Friday night, Do the Expo thang Saturday, drive home, and do the Beard and Mustache, I mean Handmade Bike Show on Sunday. That’s a lot of shit to cram into a weekend, but I’m good with that.

I’ll probably decide at the last minute, which means I’ll keep talking about it for another week.

Maybe I should just head back to the hills and get away from it all.

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HR said...

Actually you should just come to Sanford and do Bouldergeist IV at Sa Lee Park.