Thursday, March 13, 2014

Odds, Ends, And Other Stuff

This weekend is gonna be sorta crazy. Since tomorrow is Fun Friday, I figure I’d better talk about it now. I’ll be leaving after work to drive down to Conyers, GA for the Southeast Bike Expo. The drive won’t be so bad on the way down, since I’ll already be part of the way down there (I’m working in SC.) I’ll find a place to sleep, get up early, and check out all the rad shit the Expo has to offer. The show goes on until 5 p.m., but I’ll probably but outta there early to make the four plus hour drive back to Charlotte. When I get home I’ll probably pass out and sleep like a rock.

They sleep all day. Must be nice.

Sunday morning, I’ve volunteered my services to the awesome kids race series around here, the Charlotte Youth Cycling League.

Race number one kicks off that morning, and I’m always down to help the kids. I’ll be tired for sure, but it will be worth it. The races wrap up pretty early, so the volunteer time will be short. If you’re local, I suggest you come out to help. We can always use adult volunteers, and if you know any kids you should bring them out too. Grab your kid, a neighbor’s kid, or just pull up in front of the park with a van full of free candy.

Wait, don’t do that last one.

It will be a good time, and the kids will appreciate those of you that come out to help.


Once the racing is over, I’m gonna head down to the city to catch the last day of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Honestly, I’m not interested in it enough to go for the whole weekend, so a few hours on Sunday might be just enough. Sure, it’s probably cool and all that, but not cool enough for me to miss the Bike Expo down in Georgia or the kids race here in town.

That’s still too much stuff to cram into one weekend though. I hope I survive it somehow.

See y’all tomorrow for some “fun.”

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