Monday, March 3, 2014

I Needed That

Saturday, the plan was to head for the hills. Originally it was supposed to be a ride in DuPont with Lunchbox. He backed out at the last minute to do “teenager” stuff, which left me with two options:

Either go alone or meet up with a group of locals to ride Pisgah.

Since riding is back to being fun again I thought that maybe a group ride would be even more fun. At zero hour I decided that riding The Executor equipped with a 32x20 wouldn't be so fun, so I looked at my other options.

21, 23, or 25. One of those would be prefect.

Got the right cog installed, grabbed the rest of my shit, and headed out the door bright and early. I met the group at The Hub so we could plan the day. But first, I had to make a special delivery...

Little Miss Sunshine made this fancy stuff out of old bike parts, and she wanted me to hand deliver it to the most awesome bike shop in the hills. After that quick pit stop, it was off to the forest for a social ride. A group of around ten of us met in the parking lot, and up we went. After over two hours of sitting in my truck, it was a little painful to climb. Luckily we stopped often to regroup.

I wasn't the slowest in the group, but that didn't matter anyway. It was a fun group, and everyone was there to have a good time. All kinds of people, and all kinds of bikes. And of course, some good Pisgah scenery.

Wait, no roller blades?


The singletrack was sweet.

And we all got to enjoy an awesome day in the hills.

Oh yeah, I mentioned the views, right?

We were only halfway through the ride, and already I was happy I got out of town.

So happy that I'm gonna talk about the rest of this tomorrow.


Jason Grantz said...

Jealous... Right now I could really use a trip to the mountains.

Owen Simpson said...

Sweet pictures.
Hope I get to line up with you this year

craig said...

What a shit wknd to be on call, looks like i missed out!!