Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Like To Be Alone

Yeah, it’s exactly what the title says. I enjoy time spent all by my lonesome. Sure, I like the company of others once in a while, but my favorite is when I’m by myself. I guess I should explain. If I’m hanging out with you, then it’s cool. I like to shoot the shit, and I especially enjoy riding with others when I’m out on the mountain bike. That being said, time spent alone seems to be the best for my mental state. I really like the peace and quiet I get from that solitude, and I strive for my “alone time” whenever I get a chance.

One example would be at work. I don’t have an office per se, but instead it’s a bunch of cubes. Although they are further apart than you would find in most offices, my coworkers make up for it by talking extremely loud. They go on and on about petty bullshit, and it gets in the way of me doing my job (they don’t seem to be interested in working I guess.) I’m sure all of you that work in an office have this problem, or else you are one of those that won’t shut the hell up. I guess I'll just have to keep putting up with their stupid antics.

On the bike, I learn the most about myself when I’m riding alone. It’s not completely silent, because I do talk to myself quite a bit. It helps that no one is around to hear it, since I’ve been known to say some ridiculous shit to myself. That’s my own way to self-motivate, and it seems to do the trick. This is especially true when I’m racing, due to the fact that I’m never “in the pack”, or even remotely close to being in a group. It’s just me, the bike, and the singletrack in front of me. And yes, I prefer it this way. Even on the rare occasion when I’m leading in a race, it’s still the solitude that I enjoy the most.

Photo credit: Jacked from some photo-sharing site from last year’s Shootout On Anglers Ridge. I was in the lead at the time, but very close to blowing up and dropping back a few places.

Why the hell am I rambling on about this? Well, don’t take it as if I’m bitching or anything. Well, go ahead, because I don’t care. Sure, my coworkers drive me freakin’ batty, but I can always pack up my shit and work somewhere else for a while if I need to. My alone time during races won’t change, since I don’t usually share the trail with anyone for any length of time. It’s just mindless polite chatter as we pass each other, with no one really knowing what to say. If it’s a social ride, then I understand that there will be plenty of bullshitting, trash talking, and general nonsense. Again, I’m okay with that.

So, if you see me out on the trail, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with me. I may not be the most interesting guy you’ve ever met, but at least I’ll probably have something to say. Hell, you could end up being a topic of one of my blog posts, which would make you famous on the Internets. We all know how cool that is, especially since I’m so special.

Oh yeah, I won’t be here tomorrow. I’ll be back Friday though, so you should be too.

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