Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nothing To See Here

There are still a few days left until the next race in the Southern Classic Series, so there isn’t really a whole lot to talk about. I mean, I could tell you all about my super scientific training program, but we all know that it would be bullshit. Basically, I’m just trying to get in bike rides whenever I can. Luckily, the recent switch to Daylight Savings Time gives me a little more daylight after work, so hopefully that will translate into more riding time.

Last night, I did my usual urban ride on the singlespeed, and even brought along Little Miss Sunshine. We rode through parking lots, along greenways, and even across a swamp that kind of reminded me of where I grew up.

Unlike Florida though, this swamp was not infested with alligators. It seemed to have an overabundance of beavers though, and it looks like they have been hard at work.

If you look closely, you can see that they are working on a new home down by the river…

It’s a good thing they are planning ahead, because I kept seeing these signs all over the place:

As usual, we saw a lot of deer, and they seemed to like having their photo taken:

So yeah, it was a good ride. I’m not yet totally sold on the whole “one gear thing”, but I still enjoy it. To paraphrase a quote from my pal the MadSS, “Singlespeed riding is actually three speeds. Sitting, standing, and walking.” So true. In fact, my only real goal when I ride the singlespeed is to avoid that last speed: walking. I feel like riding without the comfort of a wide selection of gears is making me much stronger, although it’s not doing a damn thing for my endurance. That will take plenty of long rides throughout the season, followed by some tough words from my new assistant Boba Fett.

In other news, Dicky is still trying to win that contest. He’s trying like hell to get out of North Carolina for a while, so you should help him out. All you have to do is head on over to the Topeak-Ergon Facepage, like it, find the video, and “like” it. You don’t have to really like the video, just Facelike it. There is a difference, but he won’t care as long as he gets the vote. What do I get out of this? Hopefully he’ll send me a postcard or something. I doubt it though.

I’ll round out today’s crappy post with some more Star Wars action. This video makes me laugh, in a creepy, old perverted nerd kinda way. After you get your vote on after watch Dicky's video, you can watch this one and feel however you want to. You don't even have to vote when you're done, but comments are always welcome.

See y’all tomorrow with some random chit chat regarding my next race. It is also possible that I will mention Star Wars again, but if you’ve been around here for a while then you already knew that.


Spacecowboy11 said...

When I drag out a 2 hour race over 2 days for a blog, I at least have enough common sense to quit for the week.

wv. reival

TheMutt said...

If I only had two readers like you do, I'd quit early too.