Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wait, I’m Not Ready Yet

Ummm, okay. I mean, I’m not quite ready for this weekend’s kickoff of the Southern Classic Series, specifically the Shootout On Anglers Ridge. Sure I’ve been “training”, but I still need more time. I haven’t really been able to get in the mileage I need to prepare for this weekend, so I’ll be racing with a combination of willpower and sheer luck. Yeah, it looks like I just don’t have Tiger Blood.

I know, I know. Everyone is talking about Charlie Sheen, so I guess I had to cave in too. Since I brought it up though, don’t you think that kid on the show grew up to be weird looking? I mean, he even has an odd name, Angus. Is he a steak made from the most popular breed of beef cattle, or next in line to sing vocals for AC/DC? And that Jon Cryer guy, doesn’t he do triathlons and stuff? Wait, where was I?

Oh yeah, talking about my upcoming race. I guess I’ll be okay, but my “training” hasn’t felt very good lately. I’ve recently started running again, and the combination of that, riding more, plus a long offseason layoff has made me hurt like I never have before. When I was riding with my mountain bike pals at the WWC da udda day, my legs were burning. After riding a while they loosened up, but they still hurt even today. I must be pushing myself too hard, but I don’t know what to do. I’ve even been extremely tired, even though I’m getting plenty of rest.

I spoke to Mr. Shepherd on Sunday, and he agreed that I needed a rest day. That’s exactly what I was doing. Riding in the truck 45 minutes one way to my mom’s house kept me off my feet, and I didn’t do anything physical when I got there. I needed a day of rest for sure, but I’m still hurting. I guess I’ll tone it down this week, and hopefully I’ll be ready for racing on Sunday. Oh how I miss the days of my youth, when I plenty of energy and didn’t bother with the necessary safety equipment. You know, like shoes and junk.

What a dork. Anyway, I’ll probably be talking about my upcoming race a lot during the rest of this week, so consider yourself warned. Hey, it’s either that or I bust out more pictures of myself as a carefree youth. Your choice.


Dwayne said...

You're just not used to having that Tiger Blood coursin' through your veins! You'll adapt by Sunday, sprint off the line and turn around only for a second to see the faces melt off ALL the other fat kids!!

TheMutt said...

Yeah, I'll sprint off the line, hoping to catch everyone in front of me. By the end of it I'll probably be pissing Tiger Blood. See you there.