Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something Awesome

No, not the local massage place that’s offering facials. That’s just gross. No thank you. I’m actually talking about my latest shipment of awesome from the fine folks at Backcountry Research.

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of the new Awesome Strap Race. Ever since I teamed up last year with the folks over there at Backcountry Research, I have been a huge supporter of their goodies. Ditching my sorry ass seat bag was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Just when I was getting used to the Vital, Zone, and Ragtop though, they come up with something new just to keep me on my toes. The best thing about these? They come in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Here is a sample of what you can get:

Like I said, this is only a sample. If my count is correct (and I are good at math and junk), there are almost fifty different colors/designs available. I’m very happy about that, especially since it was all my idea. I asked about colors quite some time ago, and it’s nice to see them running with it now. Well, I can't take all (or any) of the credit. Those guys are just on top of things, and they know that mountain bikers like customized goodies to put on their bikes.

You know what else is so great about the new Awesome Strap Race? The fact that it ain’t going anywhere when you put it on. Yeah, the other ones held on tight too, but this one has a grip like a fat girl on a plate full of chili cheese fries. In fact, the quote on the website says, “The Race was purposely designed to stick to your saddle like a sombitch...and any line you take.” Talking like that I’d swear that these guys are Southerners, except that I know that they are out there in Washington State. If I know anything about geography (and I are smart about that stuff too), I’d say that’s pretty far from the South.

I picked my favorite out of the bunch, and loaded it up. It was pretty easy to get on the bike, and I was sure it wasn’t going anywhere.

You can get one of your own for only $10, which includes shipping. If you want more than that, they have once again offered up the Whammer Deal, which gives you a choice of three straps for only $24 (and of course free shipping.) You can’t beat a deal like that with a wet noodle.

You might want one of these just to be like me or Dicky. You may just want to be different. I don’t really care what your reason is, but you should really get one because that seat sack on your bike just ain’t cutting it anymore. Who the hell still uses those anyway? Also, they are once again a sponsor of the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek this weekend. That will be my first test of the new awesomeness, so I hope you notice it strapped to my seatpost as you pass me by. More about Warrior Creek tomorrow, so tune in to find out what my plans are. In the meantime, go over to Backcountry Research and order up some of your own Awesomeness.

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Anonymous said...

I still use the bag YOU gave me! Now I must cry.......

Chili Man