Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

This sucks. The weather has been quite shitty here in Charlotte the last few days, and I hate it. Plenty of rain equals no mountain bike riding. Aside from a little urban action on the Shitwagon (I’ll get that royalty check right out to you Dicky), I won’t be hitting up our local trails anytime soon. Lucky for me (and not so lucky for you), I have a solution. I can make things worse by watching my footage from a nice “dry” ride da udda day at Sherman Branch. I filmed most of my trail time out there, so I had ample footage to put together a part three in the “Ride With Me” series.

Unlike Return of the Jedi though (the real Episode III by the way), this video isn’t an epic story. Again, it’s just me wandering along some smooth singletrack here in Charlotte, with the occasional obstacle mixed in. My favorite part is around the 2:05 mark, where I got to ride one of my favorite features out there. Check it:

If you’re rained out like me, then this could be just what you need. If you suffer from motion sickness like The Chili Man (or just hate shitty videos), then you probably won’t like it. Whatever. I’m having fun making these, and at least I have something to watch when I can’t ride. See y’all tomorrow.


George said...

Ha ha! Blog copier!


as in cherkin the gherkin

TheMutt said...

He he, I didn't even notice that. I am ashamed of my plagiarism. It stopped raining here at least.