Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things Could Be Worse

Yeah, my race at the Catawba Riverfront Classic was kinda shitty. I could have been a whole lot worse I guess. The fact that I even finished the race with two mechanical issues should be enough. That’s not the real issue though.

I was so close to a podium spot that I could almost taste it. During my mad fury (and before my chain crappage), I made my way up to the front of the pack. In fact, I felt so great out there that I could have caught the leader. I guess that’s what pisses me off the most. The trails out there are mine (so to speak), and there’s no way that some out of towners should have gotten the best of me. I went out to the trail ready to put it all out there, and I left with my tail between my legs. I was on pace to beat my time from last year, but instead I spent probably a total of 10 -12 minutes fixing shit that shouldn’t have been broken in the first place.

Yeah, I was sick too, but that didn’t matter. Once the race started I felt fine. No excuses though, and I certainly don’t mean to bitch about the way things turned out. I’m just disappointed. There are a few bright spots though.

First, I finally have a reason to address my chain issue. It’s happened before, but never during a race. I shrugged it off, but now I found out that Lunchbox, The DPC, and my pal Hop are having the same issues. I put some thought and my awesome troubleshooting skills to work on it, and I think I figured it out. More on that later though.

Second, I looked damn good in my Bike29 team kit, even if I do say so myself. I know I had sworn off of the tight shorts when I ride, but I was reminded of how comfortable that stuff is to ride in. It didn’t make me any faster, but I sure felt better. As a bonus, I get to represent Bike29 at my races and on the Internets. You know, much better than I have been. Big thanks again, ‘cause it did make me fell better out on the race course.

Lastly, it looks like the little bit of actual “training” I’ve been doing is paying off. I’ve been riding harder out on my leisurely trail jaunts, and I can see the improvement. I had plenty of leg power on Sunday, but my mind wasn’t in it after having chainage crap. It looks like I will keep up the ‘training” rides from now on though.

I learned some lessons out there, and that’s what it’s all about. I’m not in danger of becoming a super serious dirt roadie/ racer boi, but I do need to get a little better. I’ll cut my whiny rant off here I guess. I’ll be back tomorrow, with a lot less bitchin’. Maybe we can talk about beer…and Sonya Looney.

I’m sure she won’t mind that I stole this photo. I like taking shit from the Internets. It completes me.

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