Friday, April 27, 2012

Housekeeping, Part II (Electric Boogaloo)

 Yep, I stole the idea for that title from you, George.  It’s difficult not to do it when talking about sequels.

Anyway, after taking care of most of my bikes last week, I realized that I hadn’t really been taking care of my bike area.  Over the years, I’ve accumulated tons of spare parts that will probably never find a home on anything I own.  I’ve managed to build a few complete bikes that went the hell away, but there were still tons of things that I will most likely never use.

Like this pile of 26 inch tires, roadie wheels, and assorted shitty drivetrain stuff.

Or a rear shock that I still have for some reason:

How about a brand new 26 inch tire that I won at a race last year?

A pile of POS 26 inch suspension forks?

I even found a (used only once) mitre saw buried in there.

Okay, that wasn’t bike-related, but the pile of bike shit I had covered it up.

I found some 29er tires, but they are wire bead so I won’t dare use them.

I’ll probably donate most of this stuff to the local Trips For Kids chapter, and hopefully they can use it.  I may sell a few things here locally, but it’s not like I’m sitting on a gold mine or anything. 

I just really needed to clear some space so I could get an unobstructed view of my autographed Dolemite movie poster.

I still have a shitload of stuff, but at least it’s all usable (and now packed away neatly.)  We still have way too many bikes for just three people though.

Two of those are of the full squish 26 inch variety, and they will be finding new homes soon, hopefully.

So yeah, if you ride bikes and work on said bikes it’s pretty easy to gather useless shit.  I really hate to get rid of stuff, but I can’t see any reason to keep it around.  In the future, maybe I can just get rid of old stuff every time new stuff comes rolling in.

That would make sense.

I don’t really like to make sense.

Have you looked in your bike room lately?

Oh yeah, I’m racing again this weekend in Columbia, SC.

I will be bringing gears this time.

Who gives a shit.


Dwayne said...

Go fast, take chances....and don't get any sand in your shorts this weekend!!

BTW, hang onto one of those 26" forks for me! I'll swap you something of lesser or no value for it....

Benson said...

My Kona Unit needs some driveline help bad, my forks are total shit, and my tires are dry rotted cheapies from Kmart.

My shoulder is wasted, and the bike just got into sad shape so it's been sitting now almost two years I guess. I really am jonesing to ride and see my mbt friends again.