Monday, April 23, 2012

Not About Me

This is still somewhat of a race report from yesterday, but not mine. Yeah, it was the Stump Jump, but it was also Little Miss Sunshine’s birthday. She decided to make her debut for the series on her special day (with a little coaxing from me), and she was pretty nervous.

Almost like, “I’m gonna puke” nervous.

When the race started, she hung way back. She wanted to get comfortable before she started “racing”, but it really didn’t take her long to start passing people.

Of course, I wasn’t out there racing with her. So, that means I can’t really tell the story of her racing adventures. I know one thing for sure though, she looked a helluva lot more confident when she came through to start lap two.

She took off down the road with one lap behind her, and headed back out on the trail. Lunchbox was out there taking photos as usual, and managed to catch the little lady smiling.

She tore through that second lap, and I’m sure her confidence level was rising. She crossed the finish line as fast as she could, and I’m sure she was happy to be finished. When it was all said and done, she ended up with a podium finish (they went five deep for prizes.)

I’m really proud of her for getting out race on her birthday, and doing a good job while she was at it. The birthday fun didn’t stop there, though. She got a few presents (from Lunchbox and me), but the one I’m most willing to share is in the form of bicycle parts.

Yes, another set of Bike29 handbuilt Industry Nine wheels is in our possession. These of course are of the single speed variety, and I wanted to give a shout out to George for getting them built up and shipped out super fast.

 More photos of the wheels later, for sure.

 And of course, I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about my favorite subject…me.

 Just kidding. Well, about the favorite subject part. Of course I’ll be back tomorrow.

 What would you do without me?

 Don’t answer that.

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