Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Big, Green, And Juicy

I really enjoy building bikes.  So much, that when I found out Eastwood was ready to build up his new single speed I invited myself along.  He finally gathered all the pieces for his Kermit Green Niner One9, and Good Guy Greg offered to help him build it.

Mostly I just hung around and did nothing like Greg's cat.

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true.  I mean, I pulled the Cane Creek headset apart and dropped it several times on the ground, and of course I took photos.

My favorite part was when Greg’s tubing cutter decided not to work when the fork steerer tube needed to be cut.  We had to resort to using the hacksaw, and we all took turns trying to hack that sumbitch off of there.

Eastwood worked the hardest, since it was his bike after all.


Once we got everything together to make it look like a bike, I stepped back to take another photo.

Then I watched as Eastwood put the chain on.  It was exciting.

It actually came out really nice, and it only took us like five hours or something like that (because we didn’t drink beer for some reason.)

And just like that, another single speeder was born.

I kinda feel like the Emperor.

Because another has joined the dark side…


Dwayne said...

Does he use that cog as a plate to eat pie when the ride is over????

TheMutt said...

We'll get him down to a 16 in no time

eastwood said...

You get to eat pie when you ride ss?? Anyone want to buy a full suspension 29er??