Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Almost There

Remember when I bought that new frame?  Well, I’m slowly getting it together.

While not quite ready to hit the trail just yet, my new ROS9 will be soon.  Ignore that stem and that horrible looking stack of headset spacers, by the way.  It was just something to hold the fork on until I start robbing parts from another bike.  I’m actually further along than the photo above shows you, but I can’t find the photo I took of that (I think I deleted it yesterday.)  Everything is pretty much ready to go, save for cutting the steerer tube on the fork to my liking.  There’s one thing that’s keeping me from doing that…

The wheels.

Since I’m going from standard quick release to thru axles front and rear, I had to order some parts from IndustryNine.  I told you this already, pay attention.  They finally showed up and I’m ready to convert my hubs.

I didn’t have any free time last night though.  We had our usual Tuesday social ride at the Whitewater Center again, and I stayed out too late riding and drinking to get it done.  I’m not doing it myself anyway because, as dumb as it sounds, I don’t know how to do it.  I’m deathly afraid of ruining my fancy hubs because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, so I asked local good Samaritan and famous Dirt Rag columnist Dicky to help me. 

I know what you’re thinking.  We’re not teaming up so we can have shit to blog about, because I’m sure he’s not that desperate (I am though.)  I know he’s down with I9 and knows all there is to know about them, so I couldn’t think of anyone else to ask.  Plus, he’ll do it for beer which is a plus. 

I like beer.

Once we’re done, I’ll head back to the house and install my wheels, tighten a few things here and there, and I should be ready to take my new Super Endurobike out for a test ride.  I have a few places in mind, and only one of them is local.  I usually like to take a new build somewhere local at first to get a feel for it, but in this case I’m ready to see what this thing can do. 

I won’t be here tomorrow, by the way, since I took the day off to ride my new bike.  I really should do that more often.

See y’all Friday.

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