Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I’m Making Waffles

This weekend is another “race”, but I’m not planning to enter it.  Instead, I’m planning to show up to heckle and provide “support.” 

What race am I talking about?

This one:

The Backyard Experience is a race at one of the finest trails here in town going down this Sunday.  Here’s the “official” description:

“The BYE will consist of 5 stage races.  They will vary from 2-8 miles of racing each.  Some will be point-to-point, others will be multiple laps.  The top 13 finishers at each stage will be rewarded between 1-13 points.  Riders with the most points at the end of the day will be declared the Kings and Queens of The Backyard!”

Sounds fun, right?  I didn’t see any mention of Enduro though.  I’m sure they’ll get all Enduro, so don't worry.

Now, where do I come in?  

I’m making waffles!


My pal Eastwood came up with a brilliant idea…waffle hand ups.  Not satisfied with that though, I tweaked it a little (or twerked, like the youngins say these days.)  We’ll hand you a syrupy waffle when you ride by our rolling “aid station”, but the likelihood of you being able to eat it is pretty slim.  Instead, you’ll probably be wearing it.  Our goal is to plaster each and every “racer” with waffles as they ride by us.  The more serious and racer boi you look, the more waffles you’ll get slung your way. 

Don’t like waffles?  Well stay the hell outta the Backyard that day.  If you are way too serious and don’t like food being thrown at you, this race probably isn’t for you anyway.  If you get pissed enough at us to get off your bike and come back to say something, then I win.  And trust me, you’ll lose.  Or win, because you’ll be covered in even more waffles.

We might have beer too, but I’ll probably be drinking it.  Some of you will be wearing that too.

So yeah, doesn’t this sound like a fun “race?”  If so, make sure you sign up.  It’s only twenty bucks, and it will benefit Trips for Kids.  Your fee goes towards the race (duh), plus beer and a meal (not waffles unless you want that for your meal.)  There are a limited number of spots though, so you had better hurry.  If they don’t sell out beforehand, race day registration will be thirty bucks.

So get over there and sign up.

Click on this:

Me and the rest of the waffle crew will be waiting for your candy ass.

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Anonymous said...

I don't to sound like a sissy boi. I for one am all for the fun. But depending on the syrup that you are planning on flinging my way, i may be allergic. I will break out in hives and possibly need to go to the Dr. Some of the syrups out there (Aunt Jemima, and harris teeter's off brand)really mess me up. So i say bring some unsyruped waffles for the likes of us that are allergic. or honey. Also sticky