Friday, October 18, 2013

Getting Ready To Get Ready To Do Something

I test rode a bikeTwice.  And I liked it so much that I just had to have one.  So, when Niner Mike was in town for the last demo we got together with my local shop, The CyclePath and made sure I could get one. 

Well, just a couple of days ago this box showed up. 

See that?  It’s so excited to be here that it’s peeking out of the box.  It’s my new ROS9, in case this is your first time here or you’ve been living under a rock.

The bike building hasn’t commenced just yet, but I plan to use quite a few parts from my formerly geared, now single speed squishy bike, TK-421.  The 100mm travel fork won’t be enough for the new build, so I went with something a little more fun.

It’s a 140mm RockShox Revelation RCT3, which should be plenty comfortable when I ride up in the hills (or even around here sometimes.) 

I also got some new rubber straight from Maxxis

Before I can get started though, I’m waiting for a few parts to trickle in.  Most notably a couple of conversion kits for my hubs from IndustryNine.  The fork is a 15mm thru axle and the rear is 12X142, which means my standard quick release crap just won’t cut it.  Hopefully that stuff shows up today or tomorrow, because I can’t wait to build this thing and get it out in its natural habitat.

So, what am I gonna do until then (besides stare at a bare frame in the garage)?

Trail work.

Tomorrow there are a couple of work days at various local trails, and I picked the one that I’ve worked on the most.  We have a new trail in town that’s not quite open yet, and tomorrow is the big push to get everything done so the masses can start riding it. 

If I work really hard this weekend, maybe I can bring my new bike out there for a test lap. 

Or maybe I’ll just sit around staring at it all weekend.

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