Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Like Socks

Only the finest socks (made by DeFeet) though. One might say that I talk to much about DeFeet and their socks, and I might tell you that it's not enough. I've been wearing their socks for years, and I won't stop until everyone else is too. I know a while back I talked about their newest sock, but I didn't really get a chance to do a proper review. Just before left town for Interbike though, I got out on the trail with the “off-road” specific LevitatorTrail.

It was just a local ride, and being that it was my first ride back on the trail after separating my shoulder I took it easy. That didn't diminish any test results though, because this sock kicks ass. With extra padding in the toe area, my feet stayed comfortable when I pushed through corners and put pressure on the pedals. They're also padded on the sides near the cleats on your shoes, which claims to reduce vibration. Did I notice that? Yes, but it was one of those things that I didn't know was a problem until it was pointed out to me. Again, this increased my comfort. I'm all about comfort.

These socks are tall too (all the rage these days.) The cuff is designed in a way that keeps them from slipping down during wear, and that's a big plus for me. I didn't really like the super high cuff at first, but it has indeed grown on me. They even stay in place with my hairy legs. Maybe I'll shave some racing stripes in my legs to see if they still hold up.

One test is hardly conclusive, so I brought them with me to Las Vegas for the Outdoor Demo.

At first, I thought I had made a wrong choice. It was hot as shit in the desert, and my feet felt like they were baking in the sun. I soon realized that once I got used to the heat (after a few hours of being there) these socks were meant to be ridden pretty much anywhere, and in any kind of conditions. They breathe very well thanks to proper placement of the ventilation (Aireator style in case you were wondering.) I also wore them “just walking around” at Interbike, and they were comfortable even off the bike.

I didn't stop there though. A cycling-specific sock is no good to me if I can't wear it on race day, so I decided to test it in the realest of conditions. Last Saturday morning, I made a choice.

My usual go-to sock, the Cyclismo was dropped for the day in favor for the new Levitator Trail. Miles upon miles of riding yielded the same results:

This sock is perfect for mountain biking.

Don't believe me? Check out what the Chief Sockologist has to say about it:

Go get some. You won't regret it. Tell the fine folks at DeFeet that I sent you, so they can say:

“Who? Never heard of him.”

I kid. Go spend your hard-earned money on some socks that will work hard for you.

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ritchie said...

Funny, I only wear socks when it's cold.... LOL ..........Keep talking and I might actually try them......