Thursday, October 2, 2014

Such A Roadie

Rain, lack of time, whatever.  It seems like the road bike has been my only viable option for riding lately.  Yeah, I’m enjoying it, but I still prefer being in the dirt.  Maybe I’m training or maybe I’m confused, but surpassing my road ride total for the last four years in the first half of this year is kinda disturbing.

I was busy with Carl and a road trip to Winston Salem Saturday, so I had no time to get out and ride my mountain bike.  I woke up a little late on Sunday, and despite a “no dogs on the bed” rule I saw this:

I fell back asleep.  Fuck it.

Once I finally got up and took care of them, I knew I wanted to go back to W/S (I told you about that Tuesday, pay attention.)  So, the only way I thought I could get in a decent ride was to get out on the road.  It was even too late to let TomTom know about it, so I headed out alone.  Once I got going though, I saw a lone road biker up ahead.

Was it my pal TomTom?  I sprinted through the hilliest of hills to catch him.  I worked hard, and slowly started reeling him in.  Once I got closer, I saw gears and knew it wasn’t him.  Fuck it.  I kept pushing and tried to pass him.  Once I sprinted up the last big climb, I tucked in and pedaled like hell to pass.  One little hill later, I came flying by and saw a dude with no shirt and an aero helmet.

I laughed my ass off and kept going.

It was a good "workout", and I’d only gone about eight miles or so.  A few miles later, I stopped to take in the views.

I rode on, and I eventually found a sure sign of Fall.

I got a “Can I help you, sir” and all I could do was laugh.  

Sure, I’ll take one of them big ass pumpkins and carry it home on my bike.

I moved on, a few more big climbs to go.  I was working hard and having fun at the same time.  With no shirtless aero dudes to chase anymore though, I had to motivate myself.

Luckily I saw one of my fans.

Eventually I got home and I put in enough miles to feel like I did something.  My legs were tired and I was thirsty.  Unlike most roadies, I enjoyed a beer when I finished.

Fruit beer?  Not bad.

Roadie action?  Not bad either.

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