Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I’m So Sad Right Now

Okay, not that sad.

But, it is a dark time here in the Charlotte area.  One of my most favorite of trails, Poplar Tent, will be closing soon.  Everyone around here has been expecting it for some time now, but that didn’t make the news any easier to take.  I found out from someone “in the know”, but it quickly spread to our local club forum.

This sucks…really sucks. 

Poplar tent is the raddest trail around here.  It’s tough, rocky, rooty, and unrefined.  You need to have a little bit of skill when you ride there, but I wouldn’t say that it’s overly difficult.  In fact, it’s about as difficult as you make it.  There are several features out there, including one that I’ve been riding since way back in the days of little wheeled squishy bikes:

Heck, Lunchbox even rode there on his squishy bike back in the day.

I rode it a lot when we moved here to Charlotte, and I can credit that place for helping me develop my skills without having to drive all the way to the mountains.  There is so much cool shit to ride there.

Everyone enjoys that place, including the Dirt Divas.

And the Dirty Party Cycle has accompanied me on many journeys out there:

The saddest part about all of this to me?  I live six miles away.  It only takes me a few minutes to get there, but I still haven’t ridden it as much as I should.  I was there recently just because I knew it would all be over soon.  I figured that we had until the end of the year, but the date has been set to October 1st.  That is not enough time to enjoy the goodness of one of the best trails here in the Charlotte area.  There has been talk of having a “sending off” ride, and I will definitely get down with that action.  In fact, I think I will make it my go to trail from now until the bitter end.

This weekend’s ride plans have been made, and a trip there is definitely in the cards.  I think I should ride it until my legs can’t take it anymore.  That trail has given me so much over the years, and its time I give back while I still can.  I will miss the shit outta Poplar Tent for sure.

There are plenty of other trails around here to ride, but nothing can replace that singletrack heaven.

I’m so sorry to see it go, but at least I have a little time to say goodbye.

I’ll be there this weekend, and if you’re local, you should too.


RJ said...

Welp. You and i are hearing the same thing. Ride your ass off there for the next month. After that my friend, we will have to build something better.

Benson said...

I rode there myself and dug on the place, it's so far from Waxhaw but it was worth the drive.

I rode Sherman a couple weeks ago and the shoulder held up fine, so be sure to keep me posted on the big final ride at Poplar, if I can I'll be there.

Dwayne said...

How about the unofficial non-sanctioned completely alcohol-fueled 6 hours of Poplar Tent? I might could be convinced to jump in Sunday!!

eastwood said...

I saw the postings on the forums. I haven't ridden there yet, but sure will get over there before it's gone.

Anonymous said...

I was not aware it was going to close. Do we know why? Linda

Anonymous said...

I wanna come too but will be out of town. Dang!