Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let’s Change Things Up A Bit (Again)

Did you notice?  

I changed the blog…again.  

Not much of a change mind you, but a change nonetheless.  Even though the format was recently redone here, I was never really happy with the background.  That changed however, when my good pal D-Wayne used his freakin’ awesome design skills and came up with something a lot better than the shit I did.  If you noticed, he also changed the 10+ year old B-43 logo.  I really dig it, and I hope you do too.

Go check out his site, and maybe he can design something for you too.

So, I guess it’s time to talk about some other things that have been going on around here at the B-43 Worldwide Headquarters.  Some new shit has been rolling in, and I dig it.  I like getting stuff sent to me, because it makes me feel loved.  Whether or not that’s true really doesn’t matter…because it’s the thought that counts. 

First off, the folks over at XXC Magazine sent over some really cool stickers.

The one on the bottom might look really familiar:

I saw that on Sandie’s fork back when I was suffering at for Single Speed USA and I just had to have one.  While I’m sure it will go on my bike somewhere, I haven’t decided where just yet. 

Thanks a bunch to XXC Magazine for the sticker love.

Next up, I got some love from my new friends over at 29nSNGL.  I got to spend a little time with them up in Vermont, and they are definitely the raddest of crews.  Thanks to them, my beer will stay cold.

And it will stick to the side of my truck so I won’t lose it anymore (I have a habit of misplacing my beer.) 

Also, every time I take a drink I can tell you what I think.

Since they won the hosting rights to SSUSA for next year, it looks like I’ll get to hang out with them again when I make the trip to Minnesota next year.  I’ll bring beer…and lots of it.

Thanks to the 29nSNGL crew for the awesomeness.

And last (but certainly not least), I got more stickers.  I love stickers in case you didn't know.

And I really love these stickers.

My new pal Dirty from Drunk Cyclist sent over a shitload of DC paraphernalia to be applied to various objects that should have things applied to them.  In case you don’t remember, DC is the crew that sponsored the bitchin’ aid station halfway through the course at SSUSA.

We can get Western as fuck down here in the South now too.

Huge thanks to Drunk Cyclist

That’s it for today I guess.  I did my duty in thanking the folks that sent me goodies, so I’m out.

Maybe I’ll talk about the new bike tomorrow.

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