Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Little Riding

For some reason, I had to tell you all about my Washington, D.C bicycle adventure yesterday.  While I was glad that I got to ride a little bit while I was up there, I wouldn’t really classify it as anything quality.  Sure, it was fun, but I need to be in the woods.

Tuesday night I was.

Finally, the weather cooperated and we were able to get back to our regularly-scheduled Tuesday Social.  This time we went to BackYard Trail, and I was amazed at how many people were out there.  Several group rides were taking place, and ours was the last to roll out.  We had a huge group wandering all over the trail at a social pace, and I have to say that it was the most fun that I’ve had on a bike in a long time.  Well, except that I was riding gears. 

I’ll get into that later.  As in tomorrow.

I'm still not used to riding gears, or suspension.  My geared bike is fun and all that, but sometimes I feel like it's not meant to be ridden locally anymore.  It feels out of place.

I rode TK-421 like a single speed (I haven’t gotten around to converting it yet), most of the time because I would forget to shift.  I still had a good time, and I’m glad so many people came out.  I only took the one photo (see above), which should tell you that I was too busy having a good time to worry about capturing images.

Who gives a shit.

Of course, much beer was consumed at the ride’s conclusion.  Fine hoppy beverages and good food, paired with good conversation made for a great night.

I love this bike shit.

And I love short blog posts.  

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