Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I Took The Easy Way Out

Ride number four didn’t happen.  In a quest to see if I still need gears on the trail, I was hoping that the fourth ride at BYT would tell me all I needed to know.  The trail was still pretty muddy from a shitload of rain we received earlier in the week so we bailed.  We decided instead to meet up at a local watering hole for an urban ride and some food/beer when it was over.

It was fun, as far as urban rides go.

We rode stairs:

We rode through a park:

And we even crashed another party.  This time it was a group of local ladies getting together to talk about their experiences in PA from the Trans-Sylvania Epic.

What the hell was I doing?  I look like shit.

Anyway, when it was all over we rode back to the restaurant where we ran into some of the Faster Mustache guys and I destroyed some beer and $1 tacos.

Having gears on an urban ride didn’t do a damn thing for me as far as figuring out if I like them or not.  So yeah, there’s really nothing to report as far as that goes.  And now I’ll take the easy way out…

And talk about Sonya again.

She finally got around to updating her blog from her visit down here because, you know, she doesn’t feel the need to put up mindless shit every day like I do.  She mentioned us Charlotte folks (myself and Eastwood) quite a bit so now my blog stats are blowing up.  Plus, she gave some love to Drunk Cyclist. That pleases me.

I guess she is pretty famous.  And no, that’s not like us.

Anyway, give it a read:

Disclamer:  I did not help design the trails at the Whitewater Center fifteen years ago.  I am in the club that built them (the Tarheel Trailblazers), and I’ve done quite a bit of work out there.  I can’t take credit for something that I didn’t do, you know.  It was a long week for her, so I'm sure it was an honest mistake.  

It’s all good though, and I really appreciate the shout out from her.  Hope she comes back to see us all very soon.  Sonya is good people for sure, and even better now that I’m tied for first (with Eastwood) as her number one stalker.

At least I’m good at something.

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