Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Just Got In


I know I usually let you know when I won’t be here on a certain day, but I didn’t really have time to mention it.  To make a long story short, I had to go to Washington, D.C. because my aunt passed away.  It was a really short trip because I left Sunday morning and got back here late last night (or early this morning, whatever.)

Although my trip wasn’t planned (or for pleasure), I made the most of it.  The six hour drive isn’t too bad, and the scenery was pretty nice.

At one point when I decided to pull over to get some gas, there was a sign at the exit ramp stating that there was a local brewery in the area.  Since I had plenty of time to get to my final destination, I followed the signs to reach this little place in the mountains.

Devils Backbone Outpost Brewery, located in the hills of Virginia, is one of my favorites (I have a lot of favorites.)  I’ve picked up their stuff in the past when I was in the D.C. area, but I’ve never actually been to the brewery.  When I parked and walked up to the door, it looked like I wouldn’t get a chance to go in.

I was only there about fifteen minutes before they opened, so I took that opportunity to go get some gas in my truck.  When I returned, they were open for business.

I walked inside, grabbed a pint, and took a small tour.

Then I sat on the back porch and enjoyed a delicious IPA with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

I didn’t have time to stay very long, so after enjoying one beer and getting a growler filled I hit the road.  I still had plenty of time to reach my final destination, but not enough time to stick around there all day.  Still, it was like the beer gods made me pull off the interstate to find that lovely place.  It wasn’t a trip for pleasure by any means, but that little pit stop made things just a little bit better.

And of course tomorrow I’ll be back with another detour I took. 

I crammed a lot of stuff into two days.

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