Monday, June 17, 2013

Better Than Race Day

Saturday was the big one, but I don’t have time to get into that right now.  Instead, I’ll talk about one of my favorite holidays:  Fathers Day.  For the last sixteen years, being a dad has been what defines me the most.  Everyone that comes here knows my kid Lunchbox (Isaiah), and how much he means to me.  We spent the day Saturday on our bikes riding in the Tree Shaker, but our time yesterday was a lot more fun.

We took in a little history at a nearby military park.

Kings Mountain Military Park is only a short drive from us here in Charlotte, and since we both enjoy history we decided to spend the day there.  After watching a short movie about the battle that happened during the Revolutionary War, we took to the paved hiking trail to see the battleground.

It was beautiful out there.

And the best part was being out there with my boy.

There were all kinds of monuments to see too.

And we learned a few things.

When we finished, we took a nice drive through the beautiful South Carolina countryside and eventually ended up back in the city.

And even stopped for dessert.

Yeah, today has nothing to do with riding a bike, but I don’t really care.  Sometimes I talk about other stuff around here, and my kid comes first anyway.  As much as I love riding bikes, being a dad makes me feel better than anything else I’ve ever done.

Yesterday was pretty rad.

Back to bike stuff tomorrow of course.

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