Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Mountain Trip, Perhaps?

If the weather holds off (it seems like it’s always trying to rain around here lately), Lunchbox and I are heading up to Wilkesboro, NC for a little mountain bike action. Although I was there last month for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, this time I’m just going for the fun of it (hey, six hour races are fun though.) Well, there is an event happening, but I’m not participating in it. The Burn 24 Hour Race is kicking off tomorrow, on the Dark Mountain trails at the Kerr Scott Trail System. Lunchbox and I are planning to ride the neighboring Overmountain Victory Trail, but we’ll stop by to check out the event for sure.

Why would I stop in for an event I didn’t enter? Well, first off, I just plain like being around this shit. The mountain bike scene is chock full of good people, and most of these events have a good vibe to them. Also, I’ll take a little time to chill out with the MadSS while he performs pit duties for his wife and her tough team of Dirt Divas while they race for 24 hours. The MadSS even said he might be able to sneak away to ride with us for a bit. I don’t think Lunchbox is too pleased with that though, especially after hearing about my last ride with him and his Mrs. Maybe he’ll take it easy on the only junior rider on the B-43 team, or else Lunchbox might just hold a tearful press conference to announce his retirement.

That’s pretty much it for Saturday I guess. Little Miss Sunshine will not be joining us, as she has stuff to do in her sweatshop at the B-43 Worldwide Headquarters. She’s working on several projects, some of which can hopefully be used to make a little extra cash, and to provide plenty of entertainment for our local cycling community. Stay tuned for that one, since you won’t want to miss it. She currently has her sewing factory running at full tilt in hopes to produce some quality (and cheap) products.

I’m still waiting for a few more items to trickle in here, but as of now I have nothing else new for you. I even heard a rumor the the Florida branch of B-43 has sent some sort of package up here to the Mother Ship, but I have no idea what it could be. Is Mr. Shepherd tired of playing with his Awesome Strap and decided to return to sender? Highly unlikely, but I can’t think of anything else that he might want to send up this way. I do know one thing, I am getting way to anxious about it. He said he sent it a while ago, so I wonder what kind of package delivery service he used. No rush or anything I guess, but maybe next time he should use something a little quicker than this:

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