Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ironman Misadventures

Well, I'm gonna throw a few posts up here about the Ironman in no particular order. First, I was absolutely freaked for the week leading up to the event since I had never entered a tri of this distance. I forgot to bring things from work that I wanted on a daily basis, I lost things I had just bought for this event, and I was drinkin' too much. The day before the event was mandatory bike check. I removed my aero-bottle (Why? Because I was freakin' out remember?) and the rubber bands broke. That's when these little jems came into play. A friend of mine in the telecom business gave them to me a way long time ago and I could never bring myself to throw them out. Good thing I held onto them. The water bottle held in place. Secondly, was packet pickup also the day before the race. The best part about packet pickup is the goody bag and they didn't skimp on this one either. It had top notch schwag from the promoter and their sponsors. However, there was an odd item. Disney, which had nothing to do with the race other than the fact that it was held on their property, decided to put an empty recycled plastic bag in the goody bag with instructions printed on it about how to recycle it. It's swell. I will cherish it for a very long time. Lastly, there were the standard issue misadventures which I imagine occur regularly on the Ironman circuit. Although I didn't witness any, there were a few bike crashes (sorry no photos), and runners were dropping like flies on the 13.1 mile course.

Next time around I'll post some more photos but I'll end with this one since it's my favorite part of the race.


TheMutt said...

It looks like she's gonna stab you three times in the chest.

Col. Klink said...

Zip-ties are rad.