Monday, December 19, 2011

Looks Like We’re Done (For Now)

So I can finally sit back and relax for a bit.

This weekend, we finished up the main loop at Captain Jim Bob’s Space Adventure. There wasn’t much left to do, but I feel like we actually accomplished something. After several weekends of digging in the dirt, we were on the home stretch.

We had to cut a short section (picture above) to get the loop back out of the woods, and all that was left was a little trimming. Lunchbox whipped out his trusty loppers and was ready to put the finishing touches on our trail.

He was basically cutting out small saplings and their remaining stumps, and also trimming up the corridor so we won’t get clotheslined when we ride. He really likes helping out.

He also likes doing his impression of Bigfoot.

Since it had rained a little bit late last week, the trail was kinda wet. We decided to wait until later in the afternoon to test it out. We got all gussied up in our actual mountain bike attire (helmets and clipless shoes), and gave it a proper ride. I didn’t get any photos, since we seemed to be in a bit of a hurry (I got called into work.) The next day though, the Dirty Party Cycle stopped by after some hot laps at Sherman Branch, and I convinced him to get out and ride our new neighborhood gem. We didn’t bother wearing “proper” mountain bike equipment this time though.

There was a photo of me taking a whiz in there, but you don’t want to see that. Okay, maybe you do.

With the main loop of Captain Jim Bob’s Space Adventure complete, we were pretty proud of ourselves. Coming in at around a quarter of a mile, it is pretty short. For being so small though, it is certainly packed full of fun. We spent the rest of our time out there flagging out the next phase of the trail. There will be a lot more fun packed into this trail, and we can’t wait to get started (or continue, whatever.) For now though, we’ll just admire our handy work.

This will be a really nice place to ride that’s close to home. The trail seems to hold up pretty well even when wet, so we can most likely ride here even when everything else in the area is in substandard shape. That’s good, because my ass really should be ramping up the training this time of year. I guess I’ll be making my self dizzy riding in circles on our short little trail. It’s much better than sitting on my ass getting fat, that’s for sure.


eastwood said...

Really diggin the trail name... classic! Oh, and the wizz picture... classy!

btalley said...

Looks groomed for clown wheels. Needs some roots, rocks, mud, and some broken clown wheel reflectors to be complete.

TheMutt said...

I haven't removed any roots, and I'm actually shocked to see how few there are on the first section. There will be more difficult stuff in the next phase, including rock gardens, jumps, and a few ladder bridges. Stay tuned.