Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trail Wars

Yesterday’s post probably sounded like we had a shit time out at FATS. Quite the opposite was true. Even though our ride was interrupted several times (and eventually cut short) by mechanical issues, it was still fun when we actually rode. Mr. Shepherd really enjoyed riding down there, and he can’t wait to get back. In fact, he said he wants to get his revenge on FATS as soon as possible. Well my friend, I’m ready when you are.

I ran my GoPro for the short time we rode, and I got a little bit of good video. Well, not good by real mountain biking standards, but good enough to make a kind of entertaining video. Since I am somewhat a Star Wars nerd, I put my own twist on it (or George Lucas’, whatever.) While we were riding trough the woods, I kept humming tunes from the movie. This gave me the idea to go all Star Warsy on y’all.

Check it.

By the way, that wasn't the crash that caused all the damage yesterday. Unfortunately I had moved my camera to my helmet before that, and I was riding in front. Damn it.

So yeah, that’s about it today. You’ve suffered through enough.

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