Friday, February 3, 2012

It Might Take More Than Just Riding Fast

Thanks Yoda, but my name’s not Luke.

This Sunday could be interesting. With shitty weather predicted, the turnout for the next race in the Winter Series could suffer a bit. That doesn’t make it any easier for me, since I will still have to go out and give it my best effort to even maintain my position in the series standings. The trails may be a bit sloppy, which could increase the danger factor. That actually sounds fun. Another factor that I can’t control (like the weather and trail conditions) is that I am on call for work again. Damn it.

I don’t have to run out to save a life like Little Miss Sunshine does when she is on call, but I still have to fix broken things when they break. I have to do it in a timely fashion, which means that if any calls come in for me prior to when I am supposed to race I may have to bail. If something comes in while I’m out there on the course, then they can wait for thirty minutes or so until I get done. Maybe that will help me turn out some fast lap times.

I’m not looking forward to racing in the rain, but at least I’m not in any pain. My knee seems to be all healed up from my last injury, and I’m prepared to attempt two races again (you know, if I don’t end up at work.) I only got out once this week for “training”, which consisted of some hot laps with the Dirty Party Cycle and Little Miss Sunshine, with a late addition of our pal Robbie (who came up with the Big Tater name, by the way.) I took the single speed out, which made it a little more difficult. I couldn’t duplicate my awesome 193 heart rate out there, but I betcha I can do it again on Sunday. May the Force be with me.

I probably could use some other help though, but I’m not sure what to do.

At least I won’t have to drink my own piss.

See y’all Monday.

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Dwayne said...

Man up and eat some dark chocolate with your morning coffee!! Bet you can break 200 bpm, pansy!!