Friday, February 10, 2012

It's The Final Countdown

Yes, the final Countdown to the last Winter Series race. And in case you don’t already have that song stuck in your head from reading the title, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Anyway, the time has come to get out and race again, and hopefully I’ll be ready when I line up at the start on Sunday. As long as I have a decent showing, I should end up in the top five. They go five deep with the prizes, and I am currently sitting in 4th. I need to make sure I don’t do anything stupid. You know, like crash, flat, or quit. I’m gonna have to fight off the likes of Rodney B., Big Tater, Mr. Ryde, and a host of others gunning for me. It should be a blast.

I don’t have a race strategy, which is nothing new. I’ll probably stay up too late the night before drinking way too much beer, and I will most likely be hung over again when we race. It has worked so far, so why change it? Besides, I really like beer. A lot.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, racing.

It doesn’t look like there will be anymore rain for a while, so the trail should be super fast. The only bad thing is that it will be colder than a penguin’s ass in an ice storm. I’ll have to get all bundled up, so I hope the extra weight won’t affect my performance.

I better get my ass in gear.

That picture makes me laugh. It's funnier than homemade dog shit.

See y’all Monday.

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eastwood said...

Normally I am frustrated that the network blocks posted videos... today I was happy... but it didn't matter, the title was enough to get the song stuck in my head - BASTARD!

Secondly, I'm bummed to hear that the Winter Series is over this weekend.... heading down to Charlotte from the 23rd to the 26th. I was hoping to at least check out the race/take some pictures... ah well.

Oh, and great picture up there on the left. NICE!