Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Waiting Game

Little Miss Sunshine’s new frame is on the way, but it can’t get here fast enough for me. I know she’s ready to enjoy the single speed life, but I just want to build a new bike. I know Canada is a long way from here, so I have to show a little patience.

Screw that shit.

I have so much pent up bike-building energy that I feel like ripping people’s arms out of their sockets. Since I’m not really violent (most of the time anyway), I have to find other things to do that will pass the time.

I’ve been spending my evenings wandering around the garage looking for shit that needs to be fixed on our bikes. Everything is pretty much tip top, and I don’t need to start unfixing things just for the chance to fix them again. You following me here?

Anyway, as we wait for the frame to arrive from the Great White North, the parts gathering continues. The Space Cowboy was kind enough to sell me one of his spare cranksets, and I picked it up da udda day.

We just need to acquire a 32 tooth SS ring for it.

Next up, I grabbed my old set of 29er wheels (which will be donated to the new SS) and figured out what they needed to be “trail worthy” again. Since they were setup ghetto tubeless a few years ago, I decided that I should change the tape.

I pulled out the Gorilla tape and got to work.

I mounted up a set of Kenda Small Block 8 tires and poured in the Stan’s. Two scoops and I was ready to let the sealant do its work.

I’ve been sealing up Kenda tires for a while now, so I’m getting pretty good at it. After a little bit of time, we now have a set of tubeless wheels and tires for the new bike.

At this point I started to take inventory of the parts we’ve acquired. I took a gander in the box of shit I had set aside.

Handlebars, a choice of stems, seatpost, wheel skewers, brakes, chain, and assorted “small parts.”

By my calculations, the only things we need are the frame (on the way, remember?), a headset (also on the way), and a seat. I told the little lady she doesn’t need a seat, since she’ll be standing up all the time anyway on a single speed.

She wasn’t buying that, so there will be seat shopping in the future I guess. That’s all on her.

As soon as the frame gets here, I’ll get to work. Building bikes is one of my most favorite things to do (besides riding them), and this one will be even better because I don’t have to install any shifty bits. I’ll probably only need a total of two beers to get everything together and ready to ride. If it takes less time than that, then I’ll still probably drink two beers.

Hell, maybe I’ll have three.

And now, I wait.

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