Friday, March 15, 2013

Last Year Was Sorta Fun

So I should be looking forward to having a fun race this weekend.  You know, I have a chance to take third place three years in a row.

The second race in the Southern Classic Series is this Sunday, which in reality should be my first race in the series this year.  But, I don't wanna go.

"Why?  Don't you want to race against all the sandbagging clydesdales or the cat1 "I ride a single speed because people think it's cool" single speeders?"

My "season" hasn't even officially started yet, and already I'm burned out on cross country racing.  I ride bikes for fun, and I realized that racing against a bunch of serious people every weekend isn't very much fun. I'll probably do a couple of cross country races (even in this series) here and there, but I won't be doing the whole thing like I did the last two years.  It wore me the hell out, and I told myself I won't do that again.

Instead, I'll find some other things to do.  You know, like actually riding on Saturdays with everyone.  In the past, I would take Saturday off because "I had a race on Sunday."  I missed out on some perfect riding days because of this, and that shit won't happen again.  I also plan to do a few more endurance races (which are way more fun than XC), starting with one next weekend.

More on that next week.

For now, I'm gonna go have some fun.

Fuck yeah.

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