Friday, March 29, 2013

Finally, No More Of This

So, I’ll be out riding my ass off this weekend.  The plan is to ride out at the Whitewater Center tomorrow morning with Good Guy Greg, TomTom, and maybe even some of those fancy Lowcountry folks that plan to make the drive up here to ride.  Good Guy Greg had the idea that we should do two laps of everything out there (around 20 miles per lap) on our single speeds as a form of “training.”  While training doesn’t sound like a whole helluva lotta fun, riding my bike until I almost die actually does.

While he’ll be switching to a more endurance-friendly 20 tooth cog on the rear, I plan to keep my 18 on there for some extra punishment.  I have another race next weekend so I have to kinda get ready I guess. More on that next week because I like to build shit up for no reason.  Anyway, since we’re not racing or having any other kind of competition, trying to survive and all-day ride might be a bit of a challenge. 

I’m good with that.

Afterwards, there will most likely be beer.  That’s not a surprise, is it?  I didn’t think so.  If I’m not to dead/hungover, I’ll get out and ride some huge amount of mileage on Sunday too…if it doesn’t rain.  Currently, the weather forecast is showing shit conditions, so Saturday may be the only “trail” day.

That means I may end up on my (gasp) road bike on Sunday.

Whatever.  Who gives a shit.

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eastwood said...

Hey now, don't forget me!! I'm down for a ride-a-thon tomorrow.