Friday, September 5, 2014

Fun Friday

This isn't your typical “find stuff on The Internets to share” Fun Friday post.  This time, it’s actually something fun I did.  Da udda day when Lunchbox and I finished at the DMV, we took a stroll through the local electronics mega-store to check out some stuff.  When we got near the mobile phone displays, Lunchbox gave me some wise words…

“Always look through the photos.  People take dumb ones on these things.”

Hmmm.  I’ve never considered that.  He was right though, and when we started looking through the display phones/tablets we got a treat.  Here are some examples, zoomed in for your viewing pleasure.

Lunchbox even got in on the fun…

I took it a step further, and used those goofy images to change the desktop image on each device.

That was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.  We laughed about it for a long time.  My kid is goofy, and apparently I am too.

See y’all next week.  Go out and get rad or something.

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