Monday, September 8, 2014

I’m Here, Not There

Interbike starts today and I didn’t go.  Unlike the other times I didn’t go (which was all of them except last year), this year I had a few opportunities to attend.  Various supporters invited me to tag along but I wasn’t able to make myself available for any time off this month.  I’m on the outside looking in again like usual.  Maybe it’s not like usual, since I’ve been before and I know what I’m missing.

Yeah, a lot of the “Industry” folks complain about some of it, but I found quite a few things that made me want to go back.  The best part kicks off today, the Outdoor Demo.  I had a lot of fun riding new bikes in the desert.

I rode a few bikes, and came away from a demo for the first time ever with the desire to actually own one of the bikes I abused, I mean test rode.

It was a good decision, because after almost of year of riding my ROS9 I really love it.

Although I don’t ever make a big deal about cyclocross racing, I will admit that it’s fun to watch.  I got a chance to check out Cross Vegas, with a little help from a strategically placed rock next to a fence surrounding the race course.

Not a bad view for free I suppose.

One of the biggest things I will miss out there this year is the Ride For Reading Interbike Book Delivery.  It was so nice to be a part of something that made a difference.

I was tempted to call in sick to work just to fly out there for that.  Srsly.

Inside the convention center, there will be lots of booths and exhibits again this year no doubt. 

I get to see new stuff, shoot the shit with old friends, and even make some new friends.  That part is pretty cool, even for a barely in the industry asshole like myself. 

And let’s not forget the free beer…

Yeah, I certainly enjoyed that.

So, no Interbike for me this year.  I just couldn’t make it happen.  It's okay.  I’m not there, but luckily the Internets will be.  I’m sure I’ll be checking out the show reports and highlights, and maybe I’ll even text a few people that are out there to get the inside scoop. 

With this being the year of the 27.5 and E-Bikes though, maybe it’s better that I stayed here in Charlotte.

There’s always next year I guess.  You know, if I haven’t pissed off all the people that will invite me to go by then.

Back to our regularly scheduled nonsense tomorrow.  Live(ish) from North Carolina.

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