Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

I’m not always kind to roadies here.  Take it however you want it, but it really doesn’t mean a whole lot.  If you ride a bike, we’re good.  I like to give people shit for being so serious all the time, especially since riding a bike is supposed to be about fun.  A lot of roadie types don’t get this and I understand…

Because I am one too sometimes.

Sometimes I’m embarrassed to ride on the road, mostly because of the shit I talk about other people that do.  Truth is that it’s pretty fun.  In fact, I’m enjoying it a lot more lately.  On Labor Day, after mountain biking and hiking the day before, I wanted to get in a few more miles and work on my fitness.  The road bike is the best way to do that I figured, so I took off from the house with no particular destination in mind.  Being on the outskirts of the city, it doesn’t take long for me to get on some country roads.

Since it was a holiday, traffic was almost non-existent.  I mashed up some killer climbs, sped down some fast downhills, and took it easy every once in a while just to enjoy the ride. 

I don’t care about which bike I ride.  While I may have gone over my two road rides a year quota already that doesn't mean that I’m turning into a full time roadie.  I’d much rather be in the dirt or up in the rocky hills, but most of the time as long as I’m on a bike I’m happy.  Maybe riding on the road helps to keep things fresh, or maybe it will help me with the fitness aspect of mountain biking.  While I don’t see any way to build technical skill that translates to mountain biking from riding on the road, just the fact that it’s fun is enough for me.

I’m a “mountain biker.”  I enjoy riding on the road too. 

Who gives a shit.

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