Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Weekend Running

With a four day weekend at my disposal, I figured I’d be on the bike quite a bit.  Friday was a wash, with another trip to the vet to check on Fat Kitty (she’s okay so far by the way), an appointment at the DMV for Lunchbox, and a two hour massage for me.  Saturday morning I decided to volunteer at a local trail running race.  The promoter, Dirty Spokes Productions, holds the race on one of our local trail and donates a portion of the entry fees back to our club, the Tarheel Trailblazers.  All they ask is for a few volunteers to help setup/tear down the course and to help with the water stations.  I was down.

After the racers started coming by our station, I noticed that they were tossing empty cups on the trail and in the woods (this is normal by the way.)  Rather than wait until the end to clean it all up, I got proactive and took a trash bag to get ahead of the game.

Real exciting, I know.  I was glad to help out though.

Being out in the woods enabled me to cheer on the racers, a few of whom I knew (because they also ride bikes.)  I stayed out in the woods until the finishers started coming in, and I caught my man Marcus Barton on the final leg. 

He finished second place in the 10+ mile race.  Really awesome, especially since it was really hot and humid out there.

When everyone came in we got out to tear the course down.  Some people were on bikes and some of us walked.  When it was all over a few folks even went for a ride.  I’d forgotten my shoes like a dumbass so I just hung around and shot the shit with Marcus and a few others.  When the ride group came back, we headed to a local eatery to have some beer and burritos.  After that, I walked across the street to get some more beer, and we all headed down to The Cycle Path so I could drink it.

I didn’t ride that day, but I still had fun.  It was nice to volunteer, and even nicer that the race gave us a little love in the form of money that will go back to the trails.  I wouldn’t call it an uneventful day at all.  I still had a ton of time left to do anything I wanted, so I washed my bike.  I won’t bore you with pictures of that.  However, I will bore you with a picture of a butterfly that wouldn’t leave me alone while I cleaned.

It seems that in his incapacitated state, The Butterfly King (I mean Eastwood) sent one of his subjects to harass me.  


Such an exciting life I lead.

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