Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Skills On The Farm

Saturday, I had the pleasure of helping out our local women’s mountain bike club, the Dirt Divas with another one of their skills clinics at Fisher Farm Park in Davidson.  I enjoy these very much, and any chance I get to help out I will (I guess it helps that Little Miss Sunshine was leading this particular one.)

We had a pretty good turnout of ladies and Dirt Dudes (as we are affectionately called.)  We hit different areas of the trail to work on some of the features, and after giving a quick demonstration we let the ladies get at it (we spotted them of course.)


The photos are blurry, I know, but at least you can see the Maxxis logo on the little lady’s tire.

The ladies are real encouraging towards each other, and we really don’t have to do much other than catch them if they start to fall.  Even though we hit each feature first, they don’t really feel like they can do it until the other ladies get them going.  Sometimes they get pushed beyond their comfort zones…

And with cheering from the other women they do just fine.

I mean who the hell would want to try something with just a bunch of creepy dudes standing around watching?

It was a good day.  Fisher Farm is a great place to work on this sort of thing, with all the features out there.  There’s nothing too advanced or anything, and with a little practice you can ride it all.  It has a good mix of terrain, structures, and other goodies, so tat makes it my favorite place to help with a clinic by far.

Thanks to the Divas for letting us help out.

There are some features out there that are creepier than us dudes though.

Or maybe it’s us dudes that make it creepy.

Um.  Yeah.

At least no one saw that.  Except you. 


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