Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cleaning out my closet

I smacked my shin by slipping of the pedal recently. Thought I'd share the experience and while I'm at it show some other photos of the extremes we experience here in FL. The shin kack resulted in a swollen ankle believe it or not. I guess blood doesn't flow well when pedals decide to go medieval on one's shin. It has also put a bit of a damper on my training for the Space Coast Marathon, Florida's oldest marathon.

When one is in the area s/he should check out Kona. The nation's oldest skatepark located in Jacksonville, Fl.

During the late spring early summer lakes and rivers are at they're low point in the Orlando area. Pictured here is the Little Big Econlockhatchee River. Mtn. bikers can access this point via the Jones head trail.

A few months after this photo, Central Florida experienced about 10 days of steady rain. The railing on the bridge in the background was barely visible. Washed out trail anyone?

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