Monday, November 23, 2009


If you tuned in early this morning to read about my weekend misadventures, you were most likely still greeted with last Friday’s post. I had an early morning work schedule thingy that cut into my blog posting time. So for that, I am truly sorry. Okay, now that I am done with the sniveling, I guess we can continue. I mean really, do you think you really missed that much? And do I think that I am so important that y’all would miss me when I don’t post for one day? Geez, I gotta stop being so serious.

As far as weekend stuff, I guess I’ll begin with the actual first day of the weekend. I didn’t get any bicycling done, since I had promised Little Miss Sunshine that I would help her with her weekend plans. She’s done enough for me with the bike racing thing, so I at least owed her a few hours of my time. Saturday morning she did a little craft show at a neighborhood of one of her coworkers. You see, LMS has a nice little hobby (besides mountain biking) that keeps her busy and makes a little side dough. She makes all kinds of assorted sewing goods, from purses and hats, to everything in between. I went with her to help set up a table at the event, and to also calm her nerves a bit since it was her first one.

She’s all smiles, but the nervousness is consuming her.

I feel compelled to inform you that I did have a vested interest in the success of the craft show. I provided a few things for sale that I made as well, at the request of Little Miss Sunshine. I started making some things from recycled bicycle parts recently (I have a lot of spare parts), and she asked that I provide some for the show.

These are available for sale to you, my dear readers. Let me know if you're interested. I will ship anywhere in the United States. (how's that for shameless plugs?)

I didn’t stick around for the whole show, but LMS tells me that it was a success. She handed out plenty of business cards, and hopefully that will lead to more opportunities. I was happy to help. The rest of the day (for me) was spent doing regularly-scheduled vehicle maintenance, so I could transport Goose to all of the local trails (and to a lesser extent, take me to work.) Even though I didn’t get on my bike at all, I wouldn’t call it a wasted day. These things needed to get done.

On a shameless bicycle related note (how can it be shameless when this is a bicycling blog?), I do however have some news on the Greatest Short Track Bike on Earth. I received a package Friday afternoon, and I was itching to examine the contents. I will share it with you all, in due time. For now, here is a sneak preview.

You’ll just have to wait around for the rest of it. I know Beans is waiting…

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