Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To All Who Served

Unless you live under a rock without access to TV or the internets (um, how are you reading this again?), you must be aware that today is Veterans Day. Some of you may have the day off work, and that’s all you think it is. To others, it’s a day that you realize that the mail won’t get delivered or the bank isn’t open. While all of these things apply, they are certainly not the main focus. As a veteran of the United States Army, I feel I should take a few minutes on my blog to honor my fellow veterans. The bike stuff can wait.

Veterans Day is a day to honor all military veterans here in the United States. There are about 24 million veterans here in the U.S. Other countries also celebrate a form of this called Remembrance Day. So, to our previous members of the Allied Forces, I wish a Happy Remembrance Day to you all. Sometimes it can also be referred to as Armistice Day, but they seem to be all the same (although not all of these countries celebrate the same day as we do here in the U.S.) Please show your respect for veterans in your home country, and thank them for what they did for you. I could throw in several clever catch phrases here, but I won’t. There are plenty of bumper stickers out there to do that for me.

The message is simple: Give thanks to veterans today who served their country honorably during war or peactime.

Thank you.

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