Saturday, November 7, 2009


Thought I'd throw in some Florida pics while the boys were down at Anne Springs. We like mtn. biking and skateboarding down here as much as you fellas like it up there but one thing we like that makes us unique is our penchant for singing sandwiches. (Fakie rock on the hip at the Orlando pool. We love La Bamba.)

The Lakeland trails are comprised of ~ 1/2 mile loops called "fingers" that are made from an abandoned limestone quarry. The gators will get you if the steep drops and tight trails don't get you first. (Right) Santos is much larger and accommodates riders from the beginner with long flat rides as well as free-riders who regularly ride off the rock face shown. (Left) Skinnies, rock gardens, and tight twisty trails await at Santos. (Below)

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